FAQ ~ Cooks Outfitting Guided Bear Hunting Trips

So you have booked a bear hunt and are wondering what to bring with you bear hunting or what the rules and guidelines are for bear hunts in Saskatchewan? Browse are FAQ Page for Answers. If you don't see the answers you are seeking please call Chris at 231-225-2330.

6 Day Black Bear Guided Hunt Description

The black bear guided hunting package includes guiding to and from well placed baited stands, home cooked meals, accommodation, taxes, and complementary caping of your trophies. These packages do not include: Flight costs, transportation to and from camp to airport, gun/bow, ammunition, hunting cloths, personal items (such as soap, etc..). To secure your black bear guided hunting bookings, please contact us as early as possible. Booking will be confirmed by your deposit.  For a list of what to bring on your 6 day black bear hunting trip please see our What to Wear and What to bring lists below. For more details about the hunts please visit our Whitetail Deer Hunt Page or our Black Bear Hunt Page.

6 Day Guided Black Bear Hunt is $3500 U.S.. Plus License

What to Bring?

What to Wear Black Bear Hunting?

Solid hunting color.  Complete outer suit of scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange or white or any combination of only these colors  (ANY KIND OF CAMO IS ILLEGAL).  Head wear must be any one of these colors except white.  FOR RIFLE HUNTING ONLY!!

Update: Latest Hunting Clothing Regulations

Section 21 of the "Wildlife Regulations (Dress Code) has been relaxed to allow for rifle hunters to dress in scarlet, bright yellow, blaze orange, yellow, white or combinations thereof from the waist up only.

Headgear must remain any of the above colors except white.
proper footwear (water proof), but able to walk some distance if needed to.

What Else to Bring Black Bear Hunting?

  1. raincoat/rubber boots
  2. pee bottle
  3. backpack
  4. small flashlight
  5. Thermocell
  6. safety harness
  7. camera (extra batteries)
  8. hunting knife
  9. binoculars (range finder can also be handy at times)
  10. Gun/Bow Case (for traveling on ATV’s)
  11. bedding and one set of towels are supplied for the week
  12. personal items (soap, shampoo, etc…)
  13. safety glasses or even sunglasses for riding on ATV’s
  14. we have a target range w/ bench for Rifle & also a heavy foam
  15. archery Target for practice

Wounding Policy Bear Hunts

The wounding policy for bear hunts is in place to ensure that when you come to camp your weapon is sighted in and you are proficient with it. Every effort will be made to find a wounded animal. In the event that the animal is not recovered, a $1000 fee will be required to continue hunting. Losing an animal is the last thing that anyone wants.